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November 16, 2011

“The body which is produced is a disciplined, streamlined and modernist body, in which the outer discipline of the corset has given away to the inner disciplines of diet and exercise.”

The struggles we go through in society to look like what runway models look like or magazines, but the actuality is some of these ideas are just not realistic. The idea of the barbie or dolls that we try to achieve is unrealistic. We are slowly killing our bodies..

“Wax and bloodless, The highlights on their flesh are like those on smooth plastic shop dummies”

“I limit my breathing to just a few times a day. It helps me stay as beautiful as i was a century ago, after living so long, I may smell but why should I care, I look absolutely breath taking”

The move from doll to man is a transition that designers has made. Once just dolls dressed in beautiful ornate closed has been replaced by beautiful ornate humans that wear the clothes. To fit these ideas of dolls diets, surgery, and eating disorders we find are the ways we try to achieve these looks. Recent studies show that once a female problem is now a Male problem in the fashion world.


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  1. very provocative images

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