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ReBranding Project



Re Branding project


The Mandarin Oriental hotel

The hotel chain started as The Mandarin in 1963. The chain grew in popularity for its luxurious accommodations through out China. During the same time another well known brand known as The Oriental, they too was known for luxurious accommodations. In 1985 The Mandarin and The Oriental combined.

Today they have hotels in 27 different countries including the US (New York, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami, and Washington DC) With a net income of US$80 million (2006), it is safe to say they are a successful hotel brand.








What I propose, is not rebranding but incorporating a new brand, which celebrates the original brand “The Mandarin”. The new brand will be a higher end version of The Mandarin Oriental offering 5 star accommodations to its already exciting loyal guests, as well as attracting new travel oriented individuals. The new brand will also give customers options in hotel choice with in the brand of The Mandarin Oriental Chain as well as diversify the bard. The New brand “Mandarin” is a shinning example of bringing in old taste in traditions to the 21st century in Luxury hotels. Mandarin, will be inspiring to young high end guests, yet elegantly familiar to its loyal traditional consumers.


“The body which is produced is a disciplined, streamlined and modernist body, in which the outer discipline of the corset has given away to the inner disciplines of diet and exercise.”

The struggles we go through in society to look like what runway models look like or magazines, but the actuality is some of these ideas are just not realistic. The idea of the barbie or dolls that we try to achieve is unrealistic. We are slowly killing our bodies..

“Wax and bloodless, The highlights on their flesh are like those on smooth plastic shop dummies”

“I limit my breathing to just a few times a day. It helps me stay as beautiful as i was a century ago, after living so long, I may smell but why should I care, I look absolutely breath taking”

The move from doll to man is a transition that designers has made. Once just dolls dressed in beautiful ornate closed has been replaced by beautiful ornate humans that wear the clothes. To fit these ideas of dolls diets, surgery, and eating disorders we find are the ways we try to achieve these looks. Recent studies show that once a female problem is now a Male problem in the fashion world.

Beauty “cult”ure…

I found the exhibit to be very interesting. The idea of unattainable beauty and the lengths people go to, to try to obtain it is crazy. At first walking around the gallery i couldnt help but still want to look like one of them. To have a face that is denominational, nice nose, perfect skin, and strong jaw line. A majority of the photos shown still emphasized this impression to me. It was only a few photos and the video that detoured my feelings from plastic surgery and just to embrace what I have. The video shed some light on the phenomenon of our cultures idea of beauty and how its industrialized nations problem. After a few quotes from the show did i feel the need to be self satisfied with myself, cause it can always be worse. However in the end walking through the gallery i still couldnt help but to be drawn and wanting to look like them.

Ego Project “Transgender”

  • Inspiration. Why are you doing this project? Im doing this project to inform people the different societies the gay societies have. The idea that since were gay that we are all the same. The levels of sexuality in our community is different from the levels in the Heterosexual world. The Kinsey scale basically shows the level of sexuality a person has. Depending on the level you are shows what your sexual orientation, behaviorism, and even dress may be. For my project Ill be showing the level where Transvestites fall under. Shedding light on the culture they live in, who they date, and lives their lives. Ill also show how society in a whole reacts to them and the struggles they go through in our community.
  • What is interesting about it? Im interested on the subject because recently one of my good friends decided to undergo the transformation of once being a male to a female.
  • What will you look like.
  • How will you transform yourself?I will be trying to accomplish the look buy actually having my friend assist me in becoming female. Ill go with her to the stores and how she actually buys makeup and clothes etc. I will transform my body the best i can, without plastic surgery to play the part. I wont be wearing drag or anything offensive to this group in society but will do it in a matter that they define as normal.
    • Source images of the look.
  • How will you execute the 12 hours of transformation? Ill actually have to break down the 12 hours to 4 hours in three days. Where I will meet others like her. Guys that date exclusively transgender males and how they operate in society.
  • How will you document and archive on your blog? Ill post videos as well as a journal with pictures each day documenting me and the reaction of society around me.

Badminton not sexy enough…

I think its a good thing that the Badminton National Federation decided to scrap a new rule to force women to wear skirts, due to the low ratings the sport produces. I myself never played Badminton, however i do play sports and the last thing on your mind while in a match is if you look sexy or provocative enough to draw attention. Officials believed that by encouraging and telling females to wear skirts would in return would bring femininity back to the sport. The regulation that was suppose to stay in effect was scrutinized by many Muslim women who play the sport in Asia.

“We’re not trying to use sex to promote the sport,” said Paisan Rangsikitpho, an American who is deputy president of the Badminton World Federation, which is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “We just want them to look feminine and have a nice presentation so women will be more popular.”


Reading 6# Fashion Genders

Does your dress follow traditional gender role’s?

The way I currently dress does follow traditional gender role in regards to the trousers. I may not wear like the actual garments expressed in the olden days that defined gender roles in society. However the contemporary look I wear today was giving to me from the past (ex. Jeans, skinny legged khakis etc) Basic shirts and button downs that emphases the shoulders opposed to the waist or neck line. Sometimes I envy women cause of the selections they have. One can wear pants and wear a skirt and culturally in America its accepted. Fitted to emphasis the face and neck opposed to shoulders etc. Bright and vibrant patters against dark and gray tones. In a way yes its a male driven culture in fashion but who is really winning?

  • How does your gender influence your apparel choices?
It does, When you live in a society that still enforces gender roles its hard to escape it. My father who use to be in the military and my mother who is a devoted catholic though they accepted me for being gay these standards of how we are suppose to dress has been drilled in me. I know in my culture ( homosexuality) we have many different kinds of people whose sexuality ranges from gay, bi, transgender, etc but for the level that i feel comfortable with is still the basic role of male in our heterosexual society.
  • In what ways do you dress outside of your gender?
The ways I dress outside my gender I guess would be in the jeans I wear. To some guys it might be too fitted or the rips are in areas that one might find gay. The patters I wear on my shirts or shoes etc, however with the way society is changing some of the clothes that may have looked gay a year ago actually is in style now. I find guys (heterosexual) wearing what i use to wear and now its no longer considered outside my gender because it comes the norm.
  • In Japan we had a different cultural rift then America. The traditional garment that we had was Kimonos opposed to the western culture of pants and and skirts for women in which was used to enforce gender. The transition between a Japanese male wearing a Kimono to a long dress has that cultural transition. However in many western cultures were Christianity was the dominate religion how would one accomplish this look despite years of gender reinforced ideas and practices.